The Audience
The Audience is a character that has appeared in Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy, Series 1. He is clown dressed in purple with yellow hair and face paint that sits on a mash potato cloud with Doo Rag.


The Audience seems to have a lack of vocabulary, as the only things he manages to say are "I saw a shape, and I saw another shape. One of those shapes was talking. *laughs* Talking Shape." and "Fish Finger for Later". Later in the episode, he is seen singing a song called Mash Potato Life Shape in which he dances around with Doo Rag while singing and doing an odd laugh.

He also seems to be able to create objects out of mashed potato, as he created a mashed potato revolver out of a pile of mashed potato that went through a funnel in his head. This also shows that, wierdly, he has a pair of hands inside of him.


Episode 2Edit

While not seen in Episode 2, Doo Rag does appear in the same location as the sketches from Episode 5, which shows they are always together.

Episode 5Edit

In Episode 5 he is first seen with Doo Rag flying on a cloud and talking nonsense. Doo Rag then puts mashed potato in a funnel in his head, which then goes through his body and turns into a revolver in his stomach, displayed by two hands inside of him.

Later in the episode, they perform a song called Mash Potato Life Shape, which seemingly mocks common dance tracks. During this song, he sings in a very different voice and also produces more mashed potato shapes. He dances around with Doo Rag on the cloud and on the shapes he creates, such as a keyboard which is being played by his internal hands.

Episode 7Edit

He is seen in the promotional image for Episode 7. It is unknown whether he will appear.


Series 1Edit